Our Products

Nepalese Lokta Paper

We stock beautiful Nepalese lokta paper handmade by women co-operatives in Nepal. The women make the paper from the bark of the lokta plant onto which they screen print colourful designs. 

Roll of lokta paper - $6 (or 4 for $20) 

Strip of lokta paper - $2 (or 6 for $10)

Indian Wrapping Paper

We also stock bright, patterned Indian wrapping paper which is also screen printed. 

Roll of Indian paper - $6 (or 4 for $20)

Strip of Indian paper - $2 (or 6 for $10) 

Handmade Incense

We stick reiki-blessed incense that is rolled by hand by the teachers and mothers of students at EDUC-Nepal. 

Incense comes in two fragrances: sandalwood and mixed herbs. A pack of incense costs $10.