Making the Nepalese Lokta Paper

The lokta plant

In Nepal, the lokta plant 

Drying the bark

The bark of the lokta plant is dried 

Cleaning the bark

 The bark is cleaned several times in water before finally cutting it in small pieces and turning it into the pulp.

Washing the bark

The bark is washed in the water and stones are removed. 

Bark to pulp

The bark is then turned into a watery pulp.

Pulp is ready to pour

The lokta pulp is now ready to be poured into the wooden frames. 

Setting the frames

 Pouring pulp into the wooden frames 

Drying the paper

Wooden frames are used to dry the paper  

Paper drying

Since the size of frame is 30x 20 inches, our standard size  of paper is the same. 

Colouring the paper

The paper is then

Silkscreening the paper

Now it's the fun bit! 

Drying the paper

Drying in the sunlight